Dr. Kari Grandoni, DVM

Dr. Grandoni’s love of caffeine fueled her transition from school into 14 years of emergency medicine. She meets the fast pace environment head on with her strong team-focused approach, and continues to drive her passion with ongoing education to deliver quality patient care and up-to-date medicine. With “the kids” forcing relocation closer to Castle Mountain to train and compete in Alpine racing, Dr. Grandoni embraced the opportunity to shift her career focus towards primary care. Preventative health, exploring palliative care options, and aiding ageing pets with osteoarthritis to remain active and mobile are strong areas of interest that allow Dr. Grandoni to deliver options to clients and their pets. Dr. Grandoni is excited to be part of the Family Pet team, enabling her to practice both primary and emergency medicine. More recently, she has become certified to offer stem cell therapy as well as expanding her interest in rabbit care. In her spare time, Dr. Grandoni volunteers as a surgeon with the Alberta Spay and Neuter Task Force and works closely with the SPCA and Town Council in her community, with an emphasis on zoonotic disease. Skiing, backcountry camping and windsurfing fit somewhere in there too. There is no shortage of excitement with the zoo at home either: a Rhodesian Ridgeback, Irish Wolfhound, three rescue cats, two Flemish Giants, a husband and a few fish stashed here and there.

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