Kallee Hausauer

Customer Service Administrator

My journey with Family Pet Hospital began in 2018 as a volunteer. Since then I’ve been hired as a receptionist where I get to be the pretty face you see when you walk in. Like any and all who comprise the team at Family Pet Hospital, I’m a little nuts about animals. This love has got me in over my head studying at the University of Lethbridge taking a Bachelor of Science majoring in biology. From there I hope to continue into the veterinary field so I can aid in animal health and perform complex surgeries. The team at Family Pet is incredible to work with always understanding, caring and compassionate in their practice. I’m no rookie when it comes to having pets. Growing up in a rural area I’ve had animals from a horse and 4-H sheep to a snake and birds. Currently, I have a border collie cross called Lady and a black cat called Pepper who both happen to be rescued (adopt don’t shop). Any free time I get is generally spent studying, going to the dog park, or having a really good snooze. Also, aside from animals, I enjoy volleyball, art, and working in homecare as a certified healthcare aide.

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