Hailey Trainer


Hailey grew up on a beef farm in British Columbia, caring for animals of all species, shapes, and sizes. Although her love for all critters runs deep, her passion for her horses and cats is very apparent.
Completing her Veterinary Technician degree through Old’s College online allowed Hailey to continue to work with animals through school, finishing with a skillset uncommon to new grads. She joined Family Pet Hospital in 2013 and is now our department head, providing vital leadership and experience to our technician team. Hailey leads by example, working alongside our veterinarians in all aspects of patient care to the fullest extent possible. She greatly improves the quality of care given to patients and aids the doctors in achieving greater efficiency by relieving them of technical work.
Hailey chose this career initially because she wanted to work with animals. However, over the years, she has come to realize that she loves her work because she is part of something great. Sometimes Hailey helps make the day go more smoothly with a smile and good attitude, but other times, she is helping save a life.
Together with her husband, Hailey lives on a cattle ranch with three horses, two cats and a working cattle dog. She spends the majority of her free time training her horses and she recently graduated from Clinton Anderson’s Method Ambassador Academy in Texas.

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