Stem Cell TherapyWith over 10,000 patients treated to date in North America, Family Pet Hospital is proud to offer Medivet Biologics Canada’s new series of regenerative pet therapies! Does your aging pet suffer from osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia? Medivet Canada’s in clinic stem cell therapy treatment is a cutting edge, all-natural way to significantly reduce joint pain, help repair cartilage and soft tissue injuries, and increase your pet’s mobility. Stem cell therapy lasts 1-4 years in companion animals, with many veterinarians seeing an average of 18-24 months of lasting pain relief. Also offered is Medivet Canada’s Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) that provides a potent anti-inflammatory response in your pet’s joints, lasting 4-6 weeks. It’s all backed by extensive university research and clinical validation.

Additionally, did you know you can bank your pet’s own repair cells, AKA stem cells, during a routine spay, neuter, or other routine procedures? If your pet is susceptible to certain diseases later in life, Medivet Canada and Family Pet Hospital offer pet owners the chance to freeze a young pet’s stem cells early, with the ability to treat disease later in life. Taking these preventative measures will boost your pet’s quality of life when they need it most. Contact us today for a consultation!