Family Pet Hospital is extremely proud to offer the only cat-specific practice in the city of Lethbridge.

One of our primary goals as a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice is to reduce the stress that many cats feel coming to the vet and increase the number of cats to which medical care can be provided.

Providing care for cats in a clinic which also sees dogs does provide some challenges. The smells and sounds of dogs can be extremely stressful for a small feline and so an exam room dedicated to cats alone allows some of these things to be mitigated. The “cat room” at Family Pet Hospital has a feline pheromone diffuser to provide a calming smell and small toys are available to help some cats feel more comfortable and perhaps even play a little. Feline patients are encouraged to explore the surroundings before an exam to allow them to relax in the surroundings. This need for cats to settle in before an exam is encouraged by our longer appointment times for cats. While many hospitals must see cats in a 15 minute time slot at Family Pet we take 30 to 45 minutes for a feline appointment. Our staff employs ‘low stress feline handling’ techniques at every appointment. If a patient needs to be hospitalized, they can be placed in a cat-only ward which is diffused with more comforting pheromone’s. Cardboard box houses are provided to all these cat patients and has been shown to decrease stress hormones significantly. Overall our hospital facilities and services are held to a very high standard to be considered Gold Standard certified. Larger kennel sizes, ability to take dental radiographs in a self-contained dental suite, available of feline sized equipment, and a clinic library with many cat specific text books and research journals are just some of the criteria that Family Pet had to fulfill.

Lastly, our cat team – Dr Kate and Jolinda – must acquire cat specific continuing education every year and Dr Kate must maintain a membership with the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

It is almost a daily occurrence to hear clients comment on how much calmer their kitty was at our Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice compared to other clinics. We simply love our feline patients!

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