Sarah-Jane Kulak

Customer Service Administrator

Hello, my name is Sarah-Jane and I was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta.I first joined the Family Pet Hospital team as a Receptionist back in August 2014.I enjoy spending my free time cuddling up with my three beautiful, precious cats: Esmerelda (Seal-point Siamese), Amara (Blue-point Siamese) and Shiloh (Ragdoll-Siamese).In addition, I’ve grown to love and care for my ever-growing family of felines on my Uncle’s local farm (names too numerous to mention).I have always shared a passion and love for all animals ever since I was a little girl taking summer holiday trips up to the family farm in Fort Saskatchewan.I consider my greatest personal achievement was travelling abroad to volunteer in Tanzania, Africa hoping to make a difference by nurturing, teaching and supporting students in both a school environment and in local orphanages.I recently worked as a research technician at an agricultural research farm before returning to the clinic the end of February 2016.I take great pleasure in working with such a dedicated and compassionate team of people and this love for pets enriches my every day-to-day work experience at the hospital.I sincerely believe in providing the best customer service and positive experience to both clients and their pets, while making them feel welcomed, safe and comforted on each visit.

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