Alana Pay


Hello! My name is Alana Pay. I am originally from northern Alberta, where I lived on a Hobby Farm with my parents and younger brothers. I graduated from Olds College with my Animal Health Technology Diploma in June 2016 and have worked at Family Pet Hospital since May. I have worked and/or volunteered at other vet clinics in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta as well as a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

I have a particular passion for winged animals, though I love all pets, livestock, and wildlife of any shape or size. I currently have three cats (Copper, Sneakers and Chance) and a bird named Caesium (Caesy for short). I grew up around farm and companion animals.

When I’m not at the clinic, you can find me at my piano, or saxophone, both of which I play at a high level. You also may find me practicing martial arts at the dojang or dancing.

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